Volume 5, Issue 3, July – September 2014

Risk assessment

An assessment of risk posed by a Campylobacter-positive puppy living in an Australian residential aged-care facility
Cameron Moffatt, Ranil Appuhamy, Will Andrew, Sandy Wynn, Jan Roberts, Karina Kennedy
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Original research

Testing-adjusted chlamydia notification trends in New South Wales, Australia, 2000 to 2010
Michelle Cretikos, Darren Mayne, Roderick Reynolds, Paula Spokes, Daniel Madeddu
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A large outbreak of shigellosis commencing in an internally displaced population, Papua New Guinea, 2013
Edwin Benny, Kelly Mesere, Boris I Pavlin, Logan Yakam, Rebecca Ford, Mition Yoannes, Debbie Kisa, Mohammad Abdad, Linchon Menda, Andrew R Greenhill, Paul F Horwood
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Brief report

Preparedness for molecular testing of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus among laboratories in the Western Pacific Region
Raynal C. Squires, Frank Konings
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