[COMPLETE] Call for Papers – WPSAR article series on COVID-19 clinical management and health-care pathways in the Western Pacific


Article submission deadline: 31 December 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all levels of health-care systems worldwide. Now over two years since the declaration of the pandemic, countries are transitioning to a sustained management approach, which seeks to maintain health systems and protect populations as economies reopen.

To document the challenges encountered by health-care workers on the ground and wider health-care systems, the actions taken to overcome those challenges, and to share lessons identified to improve our preparedness and response to future outbreaks, the Western Pacific Surveillance and Response (WPSAR) journal, the official journal of WHO’s Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO), invites articles on experiences in COVID-19 clinical management and health-care pathways from the Western Pacific.

Potential articles may include, but are not limited to:

  • Reports on training of health-care workers on infection control and prevention;
  • Findings and lessons learned from responses to a series of waves or case surges of COVID-19;
  • Reports on successful integration of usage of new therapeutics for COVID-19 into care pathways;
  • Reports on integration of care pathways to include home-based recovery, non-hospital health-care facilities and primary care clinics;
  • Reports on specific clinical management such as respiratory support under resource constraints;
  • Reports on management of the long-term clinical consequences of COVID-19 or post-COVID-19 condition;
  • Perspectives or lessons on any other issues on COVID-19 clinical management and health-care pathways.

Articles must discuss experiences in COVID-19 clinical management and health-care pathways in the Western Pacific Region. Documented clearance should be received to use any national health/clinical data. Ethical approvals should also be sought, where required.

Submissions may follow any format accepted by WPSAR, but Brief Reports and Lessons from the Field are especially encouraged. Acceptable article types and submission criteria may be found here: https://ojs.wpro.who.int/ojs/index.php/wpsar/about/submissions

If you are unsure of whether your proposed article would fit the scope of WPSAR, please email us an outline, abstract or draft, and the editorial team can provide pre-submission feedback: